Friday, December 24, 2010

Smile and move on (:

" No matter what happens, congratulate and celebrate it, because you had just passed an important stage of your life! no regrets "
quote by my papa
Good or Bad, i hope everyone smiles and move on ! :D

HELLO earthlings :D

First of all,
praise the Lord that i managed to score straight A's for PMR ! :D
it was totally unexpected if you were reading my blog before this.
you see, i got quite many wrongs in my chinese paper 1 so i already sort of prepared myself to accept the fact IF i get 7A's.
On the way to the school hall i was warning myself not to drop a tiny bit of tear if i can't score like i want to.
But praise the lord that He gave mercy upon me and i was Lucky to score straight A's! :D

I was happy indeed.
 But on the other hand, i can't be TOO happy because it's very rude to those who didn't score as they wanted.
I really wanted to comfort them!!!!
I really do ! D:
but i don't know how. anything that comes out from my mouth seems to hurt them more!
arghhh. what i can do is just give them a bear hug and a pat on the back and some company <:D ( hey, i really mean those comfort! )
that is when i feel totally useless and stupid, what a friend i am D:
my mum even said "why everybody else who scored straight A's are happy but you are not? are you Not satisfied? "
it's hard to describe the whole thing laa D:
afterall, you dont want your friend to brag brag brag abt their good results when you dont have your results good right? :(

ANYWAY, keep that aside.
form 4 life waiting. :O
just to tell all the form3 candidates, no matter what you got, you always have God with you! God plans everything. and that is why everything happens for its purpose :D
so, whatever it is, SMILE AND MOVE ON :D
don't cry because it's over,
SMILE :D because it happened :)

blahblah i just got home from a church service with my mum's friends' church
it was awesome :D
guess what? i got 2 prizes from 2 lucky draws!!
LOL! lucky much?
my big bro and mum got a prize each too, except my lil bro who was quite upset since he didnt get anything lol!
oh oh i met paul and engyaw there.
seems like that church is their church :O haha what a coincedence :DD

christmas dayyyy!!!!
it's when everybody from all races gather together to celebrate the day our savior is born!
bwahahah tomorrow is quite packed for me  though,
but mostly i will be sticking to church stuffs :D
come on, it's the lord's birthday, hahah we should celebrate for him :D

that's all, toodles readers :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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