Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Choral speaking zone level & SPM :)

Heyy fellows :)

As my title showed, today was the big day :D
Yeapp it was the choral speaking zone level competition! :)
We practiced like mad cows the last week :O
Some of us even suffered sorethroat and stuffs :/

Well no matter what, I guess our hardwork paid off :D
We got first place! :D
It was totally unexpected though, since we lost to SMK SU last year,
so this year would most probably be the same.. :O
But suprisingly we won this time :D SU was good though, seriously.
We were blown off when it was their turn and that made us nervous craps :O

Okay my main point is to share this victory, 
and also share my experience in SMK Subang Utama!
The competition was held in SMK SU itself though,
We were all pumped up to visit another school xD
Just when we all stepped down the bus, our jaws practically fell to the floor.
The school is HUGE.
Suddenly Seafield seemed so small :X
It's so big i think we can actually get lost in there :O
Was totally amazed with the area, and what more the dewan!
It was spacious too, but quite stuffy i would say :/
Okay let the pics do the talking la :D
All the pics are blurry though :P

Along the road to SMK SU :D
Our bus is darn small with no air-cond at all wth :O

 the hall :D
Biggg you knoww :D

 Other teams doing sound check :)

 I wanted to take candid photos lol!
But Hong Li saw my phone and claimed I purposely want to take his pic -.-
So he practically posed lol.

 Bored faces :P
We waited super long till everything started though :/

Seriously, Malaysians are so not punctual -.-
The event was said to start at 730am till 130pm.
But we were there since like.. 8am?
And the judges just arrived at nearly 10am! :O
Ohmaigoodness, didn't they check the time? ISHHHHHH!! >:(

So blahblah everything started pretty late.
It was supposed to be 12 teams competing,
but from what i heard 6 teams gave up their rights :/
I don't really know why, but i guess it's something positive for us? LOL!

 Packing bags to leave to the canteen (:

After we got our results, we headed to the school's canteen before our bus arrived.
DAMN i tell you.
The canteen is HUGE too!
Okay i sound like some jakoon lol!
But it was an eye-opener for me laa, so haha bare with me lol!
But one thing is it has quite a few tables only :O
Super many food there too :O
Saw this super awesome ice shave food there :D
It's 2 bucks though, pricey to me :O
But no harm to try, right? HEEE :D
 Chocolate flavour <3
It was.. okay? Yeahh (:
It's worth the try though, we don't always get to eat this in SU :P

After that we went back to school,
it was 12 smth by then.
Sadly i didn't really get to talk to them D:
Before i knew it, they went back already :O
Saw many ex-seniors ;D
Most of them became hotter and prettier ;D
AHHHHH i love love love brown hair x)
Although I didn't get to give concern to those i know,
but i sincerely hope everyone is well and satisfied (:

I wonder what will I feel by then :O
LOL! less than 2 more years to go :O
GAHHHH oh please i can't even cope with my science subjects now -.-
After that, stayed back in school for Chinese lessons.
I was super sleepy and was half asleep throughout the whole class :X

 Introducing the retarded to the max retard, florence ong :D
She camwhored with my phone, so yeah :)

BLahblah so that's mostly about today (:
I'm so exhausted already!
I hope i can rest by 1030 at least >:)
Bye loves (:

p/s : DAMN. it was all a misunderstanding. So much for believing it :'(
pp/s : HOMEWORKS! ARGH crashing me to bits! :( 

xoxo, Jaslyn

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