Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ppl around you

Today horr... actually i dun wwanna write post one lorr... now... me typing this post... i felt... dissapointed and sad and pity..
For what?? Good question... for the world!!!!!

Have you personally look around?? LOOK at the ppl around you.. yea~~ Friends and family... yes.. many many more... but are you sure they are truthful and trust-worthy as you think they are?? I have no comments on family.. but besides family.. have you ever experienced smth dissapointed or smth that rily make you angry AND sad at the same time?

If you haven't... den nvm.. If you have.. you will probably know what i am talking about... I do not write this to backstab any ppl.. just a general feeling dats all... okay??

Haiz... Sometimes the world is so unfair... Sometimes you just accept the fact that no matter how semangat or how diligent you are.. you just cant win those PRO-ppl with PRo-maskes and PRO-talking-which -will-always-convince-other-people!! Argh!!! Sometimes you just feel like slapping them or just make them !!!! Haiz.. ( wow~ It sound like i am so furious?? hahah ) But ppl around you!!! You can gurantee to me that they are always pure, clean, polite, realistic??? I dun think so larr... even family members have probs among them... Haizz..

But we cant do anything to fight back.. FISTS CAN'T SOLVE ANY PROBLEMS.. BUt one day, those woo deserves will gety their punishment soon or later... Soon Or Later...

OKay.. finish ed!! But pls.. do not trust a person fully or you will regret one day!!!! Unless that person is rily relyable!!! But always be careful!!!! mark my words i tell you!!! xDDD ( LOL~~ )

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