Sunday, July 5, 2009



Sorry peeps.. Hahah~~ Coz yesterday it was oledy nearly 5pm when i went home from school's carnival day... xDDD SO i was too tired... slept for 2/3 hours... den when i woke up it was nearly 7pm.. so i asked my lil bro and sis whether they want to play badminton with me.. ( i was still tired... but somehow i wanted to play badminton)
.. Weird girl.. Muhahah~~

So today i uploaded the pics i took yesterday.. oni some larr... busy selling stuffs... LOL~~

Oh ya!! F.Y.I.. my class' stall sold...

1. Guava

2. Guava Juice

3. Orange Juice ( free gifts from "cheers" brand coz we bought a big amount of "cheers" rootbeer )

4. Rootbeer ( "cheers" brand larr )

5. Rootbeer Float ( rootbeer with vanilla ice-cream .. Yummy !!! )

Tadaa~~ A lot stuff rite.. heheh!!! i met some of my old classmates there..
there is....

1. Thomas Lee Ming Zhang

2. Teo Bao Sheng

3. Khoo Chee keat

4. Chai Juan Hong

No more... Lol... all boys... xPPP...

Anyway... there goes the pics..

A beautiful day always starts with one of my cute smiles.. ( perasan ) hahaha~

This is the guava juice... green~~ heheh~ ( got colouring xPP )

These are the fresh guavas... Waah~~ *thumbs up*

These are the drinks... rootbeer and guava juice...

My mum took this from her camera.. hahah~ Many peeps ... LOL

Hahaah~~ Siew yi and Xing yi~~ promoting guavas and guava juice!! xDDD

Wow~~ So many bottles of rootbeer!! But it's going finish in a blink..!!! xDD

Muhahah~~ i took this of hui shing filling a cup of guava juice!! heheh~~

Our form teacher, Cik Dziatul helping out!! She didn't notice it took this too... xDDD

Another shot of Cik Dziatul~ Heheheh~~ xDDD

Busy Busy Busy.. LOL~~ look at the messy table!! hehehe

LOl~~ Another shot of hui shing serious look.. coz i know she doesn't like to look at the camera... So i took her sideway pic... xPP

Can you spot me?? I am in green tee~~ hehehe~ ( my mum took this too!!)

A closer look of 2 Budi Stall!!! Business weih!!!

Now don;t you tell m e you cant spot me!! xDDD~~ Xiao hui looked so serious..==

i wanted to take a pic with Xy but it turned out like this.. Oh well... xPP

Oh~~ After finished our selling.. we went to walk around and den we sat on a bench and table infront of the koperasi.. Xy counting her coupons... dunno where to spend.. xDDDD

TAdaa~~~ last group pic in the canteen!! xDDD

let me tell you smth.. actually it's not rily dat fun to spend our tickets.. coz when we finished selling.. the stalls are already starting to close.. Haiz... But nvm.. it's still fun though...xPP

OKay~~ Dats all~ Comment me yea! xDD

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