Monday, May 31, 2010

Things changed, environment changed.. most of all, YOU changed

Helloooo HEEEE (:
its been some time since i updated my blog x)
means church youth camp :D

Blablabla it was okay laa.. =D
To me the worst activity is " leap of faith "
where you have to jump from a plank that is super high and catch a wood infront
if you cant, you will just fall o.o
but of course you wont smash the ground laaa
someone will pull another string to help you land nicely =D
i was super scared coz its like super high and you need to JUMP
i know some ppl might be teasing -.-
i am afraid of heights.. so yea... LOL

Blablabla other activities like kayak, rock climbing and flying fox
Kayak was awesome HEEE i manage to stay dry LOL
many ppl fell in the water =D
smelly smell water with pees and poops and drain water
i wanted to but i didnt dare LOL
Rock climbing was a failure -.-
TOOOOO many ppl lining up so pffttt o.o
Flying Fox was nice laaa
but stupid me closed my eyes while the thing goes down
LOL told you im scared of heights
and its SUPER high like SUPER DUPER MAJOR high

blabla reached home yesterday,
didnt study much coz too tired.. who would? :P
but i believe GOD will help me laaa
coz i put my priorities for him already >;D

LOL ppl in my class were like
" too bad lah who ask you go camp "
" harh? you didnt study? die luu "
" HAHAHAHAH who ask you go ? now see lahhh "
wth rite LOL
but i have faith in GOD dat he will help me >:)
sheesh you ppl :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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