Saturday, January 31, 2009

My story for CNY holiday!! =)

Yup!! i am home alright!!! HOME SWEET HOME~~

POOH!!! The CNY holidays has come to an END... AAAWWW.... Sad ending... hahahaha....Wat?? My holidays? Oh.. i sure hav lots of fun there back in my father's hometown ( in JOHOR)!!! Hehehe....
Let me start at the beggining will ya... I will make it short and simple!! ^^

1st day ( 24/01/09 , Saturday )
-started the journey in the morning on 10am +
-reached my dad's hometown on 3pm+ (hugged my grandma..^^)
-we cleaned a room which will be the room we will bw staying in in this holidays!!
-After finishing the cleaning and bathing.. I and my lil sis helped my mum by decorating my grandmother's house wif CNY decorations...^^
-Having a wonderful dinner and went to sleep ( a simple day)

2nd day (25/01/09 , Sunday)

-Woke up the latest... hahaha... too tired..
-Helped out with the rest of the decorations
-Played poker cards with my brothers and sisters ( we are expecting to play the cards while waiting for the couontdown... hahaha)
- Of course... we waited for the countdown for CNY but we kinda missed it coz we're too focusing in the cards... But my father who is watching TV wished us and then we wished each other
-We enjoyed the beautiful fire crackers

3rd day (26/01/09 , Monday)
- Happy Chinese New Year!!!
- Still woke up the latest!!! Argh! hahaha
- Missed some visitors from my relatives because of my late sleep... Argh!! lol... My Angpaos..
- Still.. welcomed some visitors (aunts and uncles)... And still received some Angpaos!! haha
- One of my uncle is also staying in my grandmother's house with his family!! Better is he has a daughter which is my cousin who is same age with me!! At least i can chat wif her although it's only just for a day!! ==
- we also played poker cards and mahjong wif my cousin... She is not the kind of sporting people who likes playing outdoors... But her small brother is!! we played fire with him... I mean we light fire on candles lah.. make it like a game... hahahah XD
-We even tried to make a campfire with real fire wood but we still nid the help of a lighter.. no doubt... My father also found some sweet potatoes and BBQ it on the fire!! We waited and waited..
- Then i went indoors as it is too hot outside, and i fell asleep!!! Awww... i missed the nice, tasty potatoes!!!! but i found one and "roasted" it myself!! of coz i ate it... a little.. it's quite tasteless but i still like it and felt proud about it!! Experience mah!! hahaha...
-At nite, we played fire crackers!!! The cheap ones which is less dangerous one... it's still fun!! =)

4th day ( 27/01/09 , Tuesday )
-Finally, i am not the last woken!! hahaha... But this time there are less visitors!! LOL...
-Received Angpaos from some aunties!! ^^
- My cousin went back home... Bye~~ TT
-Fortunately my another aunt also came and stayed in my grandma's house too!! =)
- Her sons and daughters are all adults... One of her son is doing a part time job in a medical company (herbalife) in the weight management part.. He helped us to measure our body health based on our height and weight... i am not very healthy... Too short... over-weight...==.. EXERCISE!!!
-We went out shopping in PACIFIC which is quite a distance from the house... NVM..
- Saw a lion dance performance in the main hall stage in PACIFIC shopping centre... Quite nice...
- Also bought some new clothes and a lip gloss! Hehehe... First time to try a lip gloss... Lol... My brothers teased me leh!! ==
-Played fire crackers too!! heheeh...

5th day ( 28/01/09 , Wednesday )
-Again not waking up the latest!! Hahahaha...
-Ate a great breakfast!!!
-Still... Gambling... Poker Cards... haha... MAHJONG too.. but it's different than the usual one... Our rules.. Lol
- Ate the chinese new year stuffs untill it's quite finished.. lol
-Packed our belongings as we are going to go home~~
- i can't believe i am saying this but i actually liked living in my dad's hometown .... well... it's quite itchy at night... mosquitoes but dunno why.. still luv it! Nice memories!!
- After eating lunch, we rested for half an hour before starting our journey back home... Starting to miss the past days oledy... haiz...
- Bye, Grandma!!! Love you!!!

So.. My story in JOhor is finished!! ^^


nadrah said...

walat yet so fun ^^

nadrah said...

walao busy8 hehe spelling error XP

Jaslyn Chong said...

thx for reading my posts!! Muaxx! XD