Monday, April 13, 2009

pity leh~

Today pity leh.. i am so excited coz today got PJK period leh~
but~ haiz~ the heavy rain leh!!!!!
haiz~ sad lah.. we can't enjoy the two periods of PJK... lol..
Those two periods so DAMN boring!!
So we use these two periods to do h/w lorr...
haiz~ soooo boring!!! TT

Hahah~ actually i should be doing homework by now i couldn't resist it lah...
I must online for a while lah~

ok.. i should stop now~ bye guys!!

Oh.. to inform my readers.. my friend,siew yi just created a blog!! you guys can go visit hers! She's just a new member!! Go to my link list and find her name~ hahaha~
ok.. i rily nid to STOP!! HAHAHAHA

Oh ya!! Tomorrow is my senamrobik RAP-TAI!! xDDDD

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