Friday, April 3, 2009

FAREWELL teacher Syaza~

Today sadly is Teacher Syaza's last day of teaching us!! teacher Syaza is a trainee teacher who trained in our school for three months~~ She's leaving today!! So we decided to plan a SUPRISE party for her!!! xDDDDD Lol!!

Teacher Syaza is a very HOT and PRETTY and SEXXAAYYY teacher!! and MODERN too!! hehehe.. We love you teacher Syaza!! Dun forget us!! YOU ARE WORLD NO.1 TEACHER!!!

hahaah!!! POPPP!!(party poppers) tadaa!! Teacher Syaza!!!!

teacher still blurr case lah!!! Lol!! Hahaha.. (she's not crying !! xPP)
POPPP!! Teacher still shocked of our Suprise!! Heheheh~~

Teacher speaking some touching words~~ xD
teacher Syaza you look FABULOUS!!

CLASS PHOTO!! Cheese!!!

Wahhh~ Teacher sooo CUTE!! hehehe! from left : Teacher, Arina , Yvonne, Siew Yi !! CUTE!!

Hmmm~~ Yumm!! Vi Jia sure look enjoying on the pizza!! May Yean is taking one too!! Pizza!! xDDDDD
Haha~ Pizza already eaten half lorr!!

OOOooo~ PIZZA!!! Yummy~~

AAAWWw~~ The boys are shy~~ lol..

haha... Naimah and Pui Yan~ Lolzzz
Florence smiling happily with Teacher Syaza~ hahah.. teacher u look pretty~ =DD

Lol!! Me receiving present and taking picture from Teacher Syaza~~ happiiieee~~ Siew yi!! Are you taking my spotlight?? hahah~ jkjk~ xDD

Siew Yi soooo happy!!! Her smile so broad.. haha xDD

Smile Yvonne!! Hehehe...
Chian wei holding a small photo frame writing "A+ teacher" ~~ xDDD

Samantha represents our whole class give Teacher Syaza her special Present From 2B~~
Lol!! teacher Syaza and Yvonne grabbing Bryan Low~~ hahaha xP

Hahaha... Chian Wei and Xiao Hui~~ Shy~~ LOL Rumours about them~ Heheehe

Oh My Gosh!!! Yvonne!! Go Closer!! xPPP

HOt couple!! Bryan Cheng and Kar Yee~~

BYE TEACHER SYAZA!!!!! Keep in Touch!!!Love you muaxxxxx!!

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missAnything said...

miss Teacher Syaza, the best tcher ever...