Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Hair Style huh.. xDD ><

By now~ When you guys visit my blog... u should have notice i cut my hair~~ Hahaha!!
If i count from yesterday and today... Erm.. Yup~ It's already been 5 hair saloons!! xDDD
1st-The aunty in the hair saloon shop has tooo many customers!! ==
2nd-The aunty say she's too tired and doesn't want to accept any customers already
3rd-The price is too high (RM 30 for just a simple cut!! )
4th-The hair saloon is closed~ >.<
5th-FINALLY!!! hahaha~~ it's in Summit!! xDDD

The 5th hair saloon shop is in Summit!! it's price is ok lah... Professional cut is Rm20.. My mum say it's reasonable so ok lah!! Hahaha xPP
I think the shop is called "Super Style"... Hahaha~ I forgot what floor it is in~ Lolzz (it's service is quite good!! xDD Promoting!! ) Plus!! I think the guys are better in cutting!! xDD

so.. at first they cut well... not very short ... longer than my shoulders.. i am like.. ok lah...
but then my mum say :" ha? So long?? shorter lah~ "
Than the guy cut shorter to my shoulder~ Than i am also ok lah..
Then my mum say to me :" hey jaslyn~ YOu still want to tie up ur hair? "
Then i replied :" dun want lah~ "
So my mum ask dat guy to cut shorter~ ><
I was like "ma!! What are u thinking?? "
but i din speak it out lah..
So the guy cut shorter... although i am not wearing my glasses dat time but i can feel how short is my hair~ T.T
so when dat guy is finished i wore my glasses my back and when i see myself i felt like screaming~~ Deep inside my heart i was like AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
( last time when i am small i hav a bad experience by cutting my hair so damn short... and now... haiz.. repeat again?? Haha~ )

hahaha~ I took a little while to accept the fact~ Hahah xDDDD but for a minute i think it's weird to have hair soooo short ... But then now i think it's ok... xPP Unbelievable i just agree that~

well... i still have to live my life?? Hahah!! Live you life yeah!! yi ye yi ye yi ye~~ (rihanna)
hahaah~~ So i hope u guys dun tease me yea~ hahaha~ Lol!!
Hahah~ So.. I hope i look ok in this new hair style~ hahaa xDDDD

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