Friday, April 17, 2009

Am i going to be one?

Am i going to be a librarian?? Am i am i?
Today is the day we took the second librarian theory test and practical test...
Today's test is going to decide whether my future is to be a librarian or not... DD=
the first one is months ago...
haiz... i din rily read or study any specific information of the library because i was very busy practising senamrobik aka cheerleading for the sports day TOMORO!! yup.. tomoro is the big day!! tomoro is sports day!! So i and my other teammates have to practise a week ago untill yesterday!! Today is the oni day we rested to gain energy for tomoro's big day!!!

I read all the informations about the library teachers... library angels... library TOP 5.... book labels... book stickers... library rules... all those stuffs... ah dui!! it has been a very tough thing for me because i have oni one day to revise!!

This afternoon on 12.30pm.. i arrived at school earlier ten minutes or more... den i sat in the canteen while staring at the paper of notes.. i was reading and reading.. den i saw some of the form 1 juniours walikng to the library so i followed too... when we reached there we don't even have time to rily look through the whole library den we nid to go BILIK APD oledy..
haiz... Siew yi came late~

in the theory exam i dun think i rily understand the questions... lol... i am very worried about that.. haiz... but no matter how i feel it won't change the results rite?? lol... Den here comes to the practical exam... Ah Dui!! we juniours need to wrap some books... i must admit my wrapping skills are very...LOW!! i think my wrapping paper is cut into a messy look by ME!! i think so confidently before and kip cutting and cutting and it end up EMBARASSING!!! haiz..
Den we have to arrange some books into the right order... i dunno whether i arrange correctly a not but one thing is... when i went to arrange some books... a senior is following behind me to check whether my placing is correct... and you know what? i felt rily stressed... like i am being watched sternly... ah dui... hahaha

Haiz... enough talk about that... lets go to the school part... today's class was normal.. PN.Goh gave so many homework leh!! same as PN.Ho!! haiz... Sad...

Btw!! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!
WoooOO HOoooO~~ Cheer for red house!! xDDDD

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