Friday, April 10, 2009

Somtimes I wonder...

Sometimes i wonder...
wonder whether the WUDO thing is a fake or not...==
WUDO is like TAEKWANDO lah...slightly different lah... i joined WUDO since this is the first year it is in our school~~
But since last saturday and today i have been coming early and i waited in the canteen for sooo long and notice that there's no WUDO!!!! ( coz the Sifu/master also din come mah...==)

Hai yo!! I rily wonder if they LIE to have our money...== RM70 leh!
some paid RM140 for both fees and uniforms...==

Today.. As usual.. No WUDO lah!!!!! ( so mad leh... what is the coach doing arr???? )
Plus if dun hav also inform through school announcements lah!!! Ah dui!!!
Guess wat? Jo Well "caught" me hanging around so she asked me to go practise cheer...
(for u guys' information... Jo well is a form 3 girl who last year was our asistant "coach" but NOT rily COACH...==)
But this year she wanted to coach us again.. so OH WELL~~
Saturday is a relaxing day but i am so tired..
all bcoz of cheerleading practise lah..
so tired leh... hai yo..
My whole body felt like cracking... get it??
My shoulders hurt from yesterday when we all try out skipping ropes which is going to be in one of our red house rutein~~ So we all skipped and skipped and skipped and skipped...
So by the time i went back home my shoulders and legs are aching oledy..

Plus today!! We practise again... ( but no skipping ropes oledy...) add on my body aching!!!

haiz... Somtimes... i wonder whther all this "torturing" things are worth it a not.. but i sure hope it is bcoz i rily sacrifice leh. .... ( and i think i lose some weight..=DDD)
The "rap-tai" is on tuesday but we havent finish our rutein... haiz..
Then the real SPORTS DAY is on this coming saturday... haiz..
I rily hope RED HOUSE CHEERLEADING will win!! (last year also we win so i hope we can maintain this year!! ) dun mean to be too proud!! *no offense*
Lol~ So my friends... i hope u guys can support us!! ( and to all other houses' cheerleaders.. i sincerely hope u guys get victory too.. So dun too "racist" coz i see that u guys dun like whenever we just wanna see ur dance moves~ we are not COPYCATS!! We are just enjoying like normal students mah.. dun so sensitive!! *no offense* )

P/S: Walao!! Got 4 projects ed leh!! *fainted*
P/S: i am rily left behind by my studies... 24 hours sure is not enough!!!

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