Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy + Angry + Sad moments~~

Today got a lot things happening.. so i will classify them to 3 main groups...
1.Happy 2.Angry 3.Sad

Lets start wif the happy things first bcoz it came first in this day mah...
Hahah~ GUESS WAT?? I passed for my librarian test!! WooOOHooooO~~ Lol!!! Dat means i CAN be a librarian.. i know it's no big deal but it's still a very extremely happy thing... Firstly when i reached to school my mind is already started to think about the results... den i went to the library to return my borrowed book and on the way maybe i can peek to see the results... hahaha~~ But when i looked through the information board there is nothing special there lah... lol~ SO i was dissapointed lor... But after attending the chinese society ... Siew yi and i met Samantha and Chian Wei... They asked whether if we want to go to the library as the canteen is quite crowded and stuffy... not to mention.. sweat-smelly... Hahah~ So we both followed them to take a second look in the notice board.. So we went up... and it is true... this time there IS a paper sticking outside the glass... and it's the result paper!! Oh my gosh!! Siew yi rushed to it and hurrily search for her name.. and she grabbed my hand while telling me joyfully dat she passed!! I was indeed excited too so i began to search for my name too... And yea~~ I PASSED too!! Not with very flying colours.. but i passed!! OMG OMG weih!!! Hahah~ Finally...4 months of hardworking actually was worthy!! hahah~
So this is my rily rily happy thing about today... xDDD WEEEEEE~~~~ Congratz to me!! xxPP

Secondly is the angry stuff...
Haiz.. it all started wif a person... i dun wanna mention her name so i will just called her "M". This is the first time M treats me like this!! Although there are times when my friends also complain on how M treats them badly but somehow i still dun believe fully BUT after today i rily RILY think that they are true!!
You see... Usually if i was in M's group.. M will always encourage me.. and if i cannot do something very well... M will comfort me and says nvm.. that's why i respect her so much but from today everything is about to change.. I must admit.. after form 1.. M changed a lot... Somehow, JUST SOMEHOW... i think she had turned to be more.. BOSSIER.. ARROGANT... FAKE... PROUD...
I know i should not be back-stabbing a person like dat but i just hav to express my feeling... Today M did that face... that emotion who kept me very depressed and angry whenever i see M is acting INNOCENT... I know M is a very good in presentation and public-talking but she didn't consider about other person's feeling... Haiz~ People is IMPERFECT!!! I now rily agree wif that.. I always try to stand at M's side by thinking M is PERFECT but M finally shows her another side... and that side is the side that not many ppl can know..
Sometimes M is rily FAKE!! Fake as in when M talks to her close friend she's rily gentle and kind... but to me and my friends it's just the opposite ... not rude... just not that friendly... and M is always being the apple of all teachers' eye... but i think M is rily fake... and fake things are WORTHLESS!!

Ok... enogh of that... now to the sad part..
Sorry for typing so long...lolzzzz...This will be shorter..
Today all 2b + 2c chinese students got a lecture from Pn.chung about discipline problems... Sadly... she says she felt very fed up for our class.... TT And she wants to give up our class!! NO! TEACHER!! I like when Pn.Chung teaches us bcoz i know that she is an experienced teacher... xDDD So Pn.Chung.. sry for making you mad today... Just chill and pls dun give up on our class ok... Thank you!! xPP

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