Thursday, April 9, 2009


damn angry man!! Haiz!!!! =.=
Today dunno wat happen lah.. not lucky ..

At first we red house cheerleaders were practising in Taman Herba for 1 hour!! yup i tell you... ONE HOUR!!! Den we rest under the fan eating oreo biscuits...
Then guess what?? The "CC" guy (pondan xPP sorry lah~ actual name=Fazrian) came in and den kip saying... actually SHOUTING " I want my 'V' "!!!!! ( means he wants everybody to make a "v" shape bcoz it is where he will be in the centre and the SPOTLIGHT !! )
At first i thought he said " I want MYVI ( a car) " so i kinda think he's joking but wen i turn around i notice that he is quarelling wif OLIVIA!! =.=

Fazrian: I WANT MY "V" !!!!
Olivia: Shut up!! Dun shout lah!!
Fazrian: I SAID!!! I WANT MY "V" !!!!!!
Olivia: Shut up!!!!
Fazrian: Who shut up?? YOu shut up!!
Olivia: No you shut up!!!

So this quarell thing continues untill stupid fazrian suddenly shout louder like a stupid mad crazy guy!!! ( he acts like a girl ==) So we just follow him lah ( we are scared but very VERY angry!!!) Stupid one!! We so tired leh... WTH!!! He thought we are not serious!! SHIT lah!!!

Haiz~ One of my juniour even scared untill cry arr!! I also scolded him bcoz of acting like a crazy mad person!!! Where got ppl so "xiao kia" one?? IIISSSHHHH!!! arrgghh!!

Then wen school starts... I was chill oledy~~ Den after recess i go find Pn.Chung to get back my essay book but she is not there and haven't mark my book~ Haiz ~~ So i go away lah.. Den guess who i met?Pn. LAU la
h~~ haiz~~ again WTF lah!! I just walk pass her freely coz i am so sure i look fine coz i normally did ==

but haiz.. she stopped and called me... use the cane to flip my hair... and said the same boring old lame useless irratating annoying sentence " Girl.. u see ur hair... why so long?? "
Pn.Lau!! All the prefects also let me pass lah.. u also normally did! Why now ur nerves get itchy and felt like punishing something is it?? Ah dui!! ur hair also not like soooo neat??? =.=
So as usual she ask me to give her my name... i felt like crying.. (coz so innocent!! ==) also felt like running away and ignoring her ( coz she very "mo ming qing miao".. haiz==)..

So sad and angry+frustrating!! Haiz... But Siew yi somehow know i had been caught?? and she came and comfort me... Gee thx~ may yean!! you are my fren rite?? Why ur teacher so "wu li qu nao"??? WTF WTH man!!!! Haiz... so angry!!!

P/S: felt betta after expressing~ thx to my readers~
P/S: done my BM lisan today!! nervous but manage to go through it!! xDDDDD


Mayean ;) said...

omg u seriously had a tough day. *u started using wtf. xDD anyways, think positive and u won't bump into her again one. ;)

Jaslyn Chong said...

haha~ NO LAH.. the "WTF" part i dun dare to say or write or rily mean it~~ Lol!! I just now it's a bad word that ppl normally say when they are super angry!! xPPP