Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Excited yea!! yup...

hahaha~ I am very happy and excited and satisfied!! hahahah~
Bcoz this is the second year i joined senamrobik and red house got CHAMPION in cheer/senamrobik STRIKE two years!! xDDDD
it would be a good memory~ hahahahaha~~

Lol!! hey... guess wat? I took my librarian test on last friday and i think i'm gonna know the result in this week?? Hahah~ Sure wish me luck!! hahah~ This post is kinda short.. lol...

I want to tell a friend something..
Eh hem~ I just want you to know dat dun be too sad of wat you have been going through... everyone will hav bad moments but you will get it through one day!! xPP
everyday you have to look at him... meet him face to face... so just be happy and you will not feel so sad... (duhh~ ) Hahaha~ And if he dun appreciate you den leave him lorr.. you hav a better choice, my friend... so cheer up... ok?? xDDD

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