Friday, January 1, 2010

The OLD goes and the NEW arrives !♥

Hello sweethearts x)
HOw was yesterday countdown thing?
I missed it GRRRR!!!! HAHA,
BUt i did stay up late ! LOL,
I just was too carried away by some games x)

Like everyone knows,
Today is officially the 1st day o 2010!!!
GoodBye 2009 and Hello 2010! 

Starry New Year

I do not like the year 2010 larhh :( too fast already...

LOL!!! Well... basiclly coz
1. It means that i have grow one year older
2. Regret stuffs that i didnt do in 2009
3. PMR YEAR!!!!
4. Two years nearer to final death WTH???!!!
5. Things are gonna go more complicated

See? got 5 reasons for me already to not like this year! grrrr
Time flies == no... i should say Time ZOOMS!
yeapp, it zooms, its faster than a blink of an eye lah PLEASE
Well, 2009 has been a complicated year for me :)
I realize things are not as simple as i thought
Sometimes, you just have to fake to live
Its just that complicated :D

Ive been through lots of lots of scenes-that-is-a-MUST-in-life :)
NOT everyone can be trusted FULLY, not even your bestfriend,
you stil have to keep something to yourself
Because GOD made everyone sinners, and selfish
So, yea... xD

Woah i blah so much dy :D

Lets just hope year 2010 will be wayyyyyy much better than year 2009 :D

Days after i will see all my friends plus classmates at school!
Yes i havent buy my new school bag! how pathetic == 
I have to admit i am NERVOUS!
haha stupid? NO! 

after 2 yrs of afternoon session i am finally going to morn session
Lets just pray everything go smoothly!!!
I stil dont know whether what class i am in :S LOL

kay chiaoz~
Catching dramas, AGAIN! :D
♥ Cherish everything my loves~

-xoxo, JASLYN -

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