Thursday, January 21, 2010

A happy ending :)

Hello Peeps~ 
Gahh i din blog for quite some days dy :S
Dont blame me, blame PMR xDD

ALERT !! I have no specs on~~ 
my eyes are so small -.-
Anyway, just back from tution lorrs xD
Omgosh today was hillarious, but somehow was stressed also lahhh
Hillarious because of Siew Yi,

BUt seriously, her partner is not a gentleman,
And yet he blame SY for being too shy,
come on lah dufus, what you expect her to do?
walk into the boys , and purposely call you, 
YOU should walk to her lahh,
where are your balls and guts lah -.- 
as if she will do that for you, who are you ? Her boyfriend??? 

yesterday, stayed back at school for badminton,
Siew yi went back lorr, yea she ditched us wth? LOL
So after lunch, Xing Yi and i changed our pjk clothes,
Blah blah, then i thought of camwhore-ing ^^ 
Yea i brought my phone -.-
So, we went to " book" a classroom.. xD
We scribbled on the board,
and of coz CAMWHOREE~ xD


Omg this pic is like so damn clear rite?
EH i didnt edit it lahhh
YAYYY! LOl ss~ bare with me yeas XD
HAAH yes XY ss worrr~  xDD i adjusted it, so nice rite?? xP
Then , pics of scribbling xD

So nicee right? xDD

This one seriously bangga gila weihhh xDD

Bla bla, Siew Yi came,
Didnt bring racket, felt bored,
SO we ponteng lorrr,
Camwhoree again x)
Siew yi camwhore freak larhs, see almost all pics have her inside HAHAHA
There are also some pics from the library xDD
Dont see if you cant bare with our hawt looks xDD
Enjoy :)

 Darn cute weih xDD

Sy face so weird alhhh~ LOLLL

 So hawt xD eee flirt ar? chehhh~ tsk tsk


 OHH i like this pic a lot! xD

Well thats all for today though :)
we 4 had a heart-to-heart convo today,
Talking abt our goods and bads,
Its kinda sad to know you are that BAD,
but its good to know they know you are BETTER than that :D
p/s : omgosh i am so obsessed with  飛輪海 - 很安靜 !!! 
You can melt instantly just by listening to how they sing~
pp/s : CHORAL SPEAKING is tough~ but will try my best lahh~ cheers!!
ppp/s : Mime XD

xoxo, Jaslyn

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