Sunday, January 3, 2010


First day of school!
wake up like super freaking early in the morn WTHHHH???
Ah dui! 

And then  ate breakfast :D
Nice start for a morning :D

Then, went to school, felt ticklish,
and of course... VERY NERVOUS!
Yeapp.. walked slowly, then turned behind, 
YAY! saw florence :)
HAHA, run towards each other LOL then we walked together to the hall

Then blabla...
At the hall, listened to the VIP-s talk ...
LMAO... listen to some craps too -.-
Den back to class~

This yr mua class is at the 3rd floor, not at the 4th
LOL, its a spacious classroom, 
so... yea it should be great~ x)

Then next thing form teacher came in... bla bla..
choose ppl for roles.. :]
I do hope they can do stuffs nicely,
coz last year stuffs are all... O.O
so.. jia you! LOL

After that... all sienn and boring things
1st day oni den study worr! WTF?!?!
But i did bring textbook larh -.- Goody good girl :D
Gahh i  miss my f2 teachers :(
I miss my f1 ppl too!  :'(  haiz!!! farewell...

the classes was boring -.- DUUH!
recess was packed... 
The FUN part was just chit chatting :]
We 4 are crazy crazy girls :D 
Haha, laugh like shit mad till the teacher stare at us LOL

Overall, first day of school, not bad lah :]
HAHA.. BUt PMR stress!! Grrr~
Oh well... just have to bare it..
So.. hows your day?

p/s : cant online recently dy.. :( will miss blogging!!
pp/s : GAHH i miss all my f1 ppl! D: 
ppp/s : STUDYYYY!! lol

* you just like to make everything so harsh when it could be easy, can i ask why? *
xoxo, Jaslyn

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