Friday, January 22, 2010

Chop or Not?

Hello darlings ...
There's smth troubling me all the time...

 It may be a small thing to you,
But its like a SUPER HUGE decision in my life....
LOL, i am exaggerating lahh


Well...  I loved my long hair and i missed it like hell.. :(
Why? Because you can put it down  and appear in a different hair style,
that's why..
BUT~ ive been hearing comments like

" You look nicer in short hair "
" Short hair for you is more suitable "
" you dun look rily nice in long hair "

Bla bla... -.-

I knew myself i look better in short hair bcoz i dont need to tie it,
OMGOSH the look i tie my hair is like shit damn ugly,
WHy are there stupid rules in school that asked you to tie your long hair?

GAHH i am so troubled by this~~

NOw my hair is at a medium length,
so... either i chop it or tie it..
:S i am doubting a lot..

will i look super ugly after i chop it?
will i look like a dork ? O_O
will i regret?
Is keeping my hair long a wrong decision?
Will i regret after that??

AAAAAHHHH all this questions are in my freaking head..
For now,
The conclusion is to chop it off..
BUt i am still under consideration though..
xD its a tough decision laaaa...
My hair grows SUPER slow.. :(

Oh well, today in school,
nth much happen.. xDD
GAHH what a bore, after that librarian duty -.-
It was quite fun at first coz all my form2 babes came...
Then after its just work work work WTH? -.-

Oh well.. still thinking abt my hair though,
i looked as if my head shrunk or smth when i tie my hair!!
BUt i like when you go out and let your hair down..
Awwwwwww :)

I've been tricked again -.-
and by the same person, why???
They say i am too emotional ,
But what i know is,
you were ONCE a very important person,
but NOW,
no more... :)

p/s : tomoro is the MERENTAS DESA dayyyy~ Weih dun ditch me ar -.-
pp/s : after running still got school wtf?
ppp/s : CHOP OR NO???

xoxo, Jaslyn

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