Monday, January 18, 2010


Today is a monday ...
How i wish time would slow down a lil...
Its just not enough me for me :(
I know i shouldnt be blabbing abt this,
in other words,
i should rearrange my schedule.... xO

GAhhhh~  super tired now :(
I have to finish my homework before evening comes,
I feel sooooo super lazy right now :(
I didnt watch draMAS  lahhh~
I am banning myself, how nice :D
I hope i can resist it till the last second ;D

Today had another crazy day at school,
although so still see some unpleasant faces though,
wtv laaa xD

Why must you be so bitchy?
Everytime i thought i was wrong abt you,
You made me regret saying you were good,
What is your problem yo?

ZZZZ, tomoro got leo portluck or not lea..?
Still not sure,
till then, i have to return to piles of homework
they missed me a lot xD

xoxo, Jaslyn 

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