Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your smile will tear me apart :) Yeap, Just your smile :D

Omgeee!!!!! He is hawwwttt xD
His smile is ..
Pheewwiit :)
How i wish you will be mine..
but.. somehow, its actually quite..
NO.. Its for sure...
Impossible :(
But, do rmb, just one smile!!!
and i will melt :)
MY old hair... awwwwwww.....

Hello my dear peeps.. :)
Once again,
lol! everybody says i look young in my new hair,
as in YOUNG,
it means KID
although you guys dun say it laaaa ,
but i do feel that way myself too :(
EEEEEEE, felt like putting on a fake hair or smth -.-

Chatted with SiewYi in the afternoon,
she chopped her hair too,
but i think it looks wayyy nicer than the style before laaa
unlike me :( -.-
Then we webcam lahhh xD

Then at the evening...
Went to youth :)
I am getting more hyper-uped to go to youth,
and its a good thing :D
LOL~ Especially when there are special events :DDDD
LOl~ but today is just bible study :S
LOL, its super long laaaa LOL -.-
Omgee i am so bad LMAO xDDDD
But i did learn smth from the whole lesson ><

EEEEEE i felt so kiddy after having my hair cut,
My look is already kiddy, plus my hair,
OMGOSH i can go back to primary lahhhhhh! -.-
wth why cant i grow up, grow tall, grow slimmer LOL
to rachel : thats why i wanna ZOOM to 20, no worries marh! LOL

I missed my old hair D: D: D:
PLEASE PLEASE baby hair grow faster :(
I wanna attend occasions this yr,
Dont make it attend like a sesat kid!! -.-

To ppl out there,
Dont you dare to call me a kid,
ill give you a smack on the ass,
and a slap on your pretty pretty face :)
I am a teenager  LOLLLLL

That's all abt today :)
Again, he is hot! xD

Buy LEO CLUB valentine's gift ppl!
if you dont, you will get it from me :)
LOL tsk tsk~

xoxo, Jaslyn

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