Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Start Of Something New

Hey yo Loves x)
Am rily exhausted rite now xDD
Its already past midnight O_O 

Anyhoo, lets start from the early morning
Went for WUDO.. wee was excited xD
Zzzz~ chat a lil, then WUDO time,
it was fun , as usual..
the BEST part~
I am no more the JUNIOR~
Today teacher distributed the cert for the upgrading stuff..
and we received a YELLOW-GREEN BELT xDD
CHun? yes? no? its a Yes for me xDD
its actually a yellow belt, just a lil green at the end xD
took pics in daddy's car on the way home x)
edited only one :D update later lah

Then at evening prepare for lil bro's bday party xD
Help out A LOT~ 
HAha~ Food.... Drinks... xDD
Camwhoree along the way... but!
lazy upload all.. so wait larhs xD

Bday partyyy xD

Laksa, fried chicken, curry, chicken fingers... jelly.. fruits.. 
Nice leh~ HAHAHA xDD
and most of all...
SAdly i didnt eat at all, coz was too full..  -.-
FYI, there are 2 cakes,
My bro, Jaydon  ( 7 Jan ) + My lil cousin sis, Evelyn ( 8 Jan )

Pics of the cutting ceremony will be updated soon xD

Blah blah, then went to my room...
Haha, my bro's friends all so cute larhs,
they opened my door and like WOAHHHH~
HAHA, first time see gurl room O_O

Then they kip disturbing me -.-  LOL
I wanna scold them at first BUT dunno why
i keep laughing, so they were not scared of me at all.. LOL
Then bla bla crap till 11 smth, they went back home slowly... x)

Chatted with SY just now.. about the club thing..

But at last i decided LEO.. cozi dun wanna leave her alone
see so loyal lah me.. LOL~ so considerate AHAHA~
POSITIVELY~  its smth new to try,
somemore Melissa kip sms-ing me abt leo stuff -.-

SO, leo lah~ xDD
BYe interact.. LOL!!!! xD 

In the convo between sy and me,
there is one super part that is super freaking cute...
SY kip rawr-ing, i woof-ing.. lol wth?
feel like posting it here xPP 
but if you read it, you will find it cute.. i think?
HAHAH~ but dunno why cannot copy paste from history wtf :(
LOL~ Basically its smth like....

Sy RAWR me, saying that she's a LEO ( horoscope and club )
(So i want smth also.. AHAH~)
I WOOF-ed back~
Then she said smth abt RAWR that is lame.. so i MEOW
ten she say MEOW is for catty only -.-
Then i WOOF back,
Sy say WOOF is for wolves,
i said wolves dun WOOF, they AH-WOOOOO
Then she say WOOF is for dogs, and i am a doggiiee 
So, i say OINK OINK ( its true coz we are pigs in zodiac )
then she say OINK OINK like so soft HAAHAH~ 
Like so easy kena prick, and oily too
(HAHAHAHh~ LOLOLOL! laugh like crazy weihh~)

Overall, she is super weird sometimes, but thats wat makes her special ^^

Stay tune for pics my readers xDD 
Skipped youth today... sorry lorr...x(

p/s : XY! JOIN LEO! HAHA~ lol~ sy gao dim for us lah~ she rawr mah, LEO worr.. HAAH
pp/s : Dramas!! When will you guys end.. i dun wnt to be addictive but i am already D:
ppp/s : WOOF!!!

xoxo, Jaslyn
( i should change to.. " woof, Jaslyn " LOL ! ) 

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