Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NOOOO why?

Hello dearies~ 
NOOOOO i slept again -.-
LOL, i  accidentally took a nap during the afternoon lahh -.-
I dont mean to, after back from koku, i just wanna relax 
and feel the comfy on my bed, and 
THERE goes me sleeping there -.-
 AND! my mum even on the air-cond which made me sleep more -.-
LOL, kay lah its a concern, thx mum~

ANyway, today had some ups and downs XO
Morning i was late for choral speaking introduction :)
Yea i decided to join, try me :D
Tomoro there is gonna be an audition,

i am so nervous already -.-

I just hope i can make it into the team yea ^^

OKAY from here, i am gonan complain abt some idiots ,
HAHA the names are from animals,
BUT!!! the animals are way better than them, its just a name okay -.-
so, if you cant bare with my complains, skip this part XP

Then afterwards,
Donkey came , shit i hate donkey :P,
Come on~ how long since you looked into the mirror,
reflect yourself before you even think of talking to me lahh
Dont act as if you know me,
You are blinded, and FYI,
you are not fab, you are the other way around :)

Later on, i found out an ugly truth,
A beautiful lie and An ugly truth, 
which one do you prefer...

After this incident, i rather stick to beautiful lies,
at least you can dream on :(
If you chose an ugly truth, ( which i dont like but have to face -.- )
You will end up tearing like me :(
Your world will be exactly like, a total blackout,
The wound will NEVER be mended ...  and there is always hatred :)

besides donkey, there is hippo ( dun be too serious on the name -.- )

WTF hippo is so much worser,
GAHH i feel like slaughtering and smack the hippo RIGHT on the HIPPO's face
Real life hippo is better than this person,
at least cartoon hippos are super cute LOL -.-
Dont Lc lah , as if you are gorgeous or smth,
GOD gave you a face to smile, and?
you frown and show that shit face to everyone,
DO you know ppl get annoyed?
Fck you, you dare to say ppl ugly or wtv,
how abt yourself? Are you perfect, naah~
so stfu and be more polite or
your life will be nothing more than a piece of waste :)

I dont mean to be harsh, just expressing :)
See, dont mess with me, tsk tsk
I tell you ppl to dont comment  bad things abt this,
or you will end up very unpleasantly :)
thx for your cooperation, just read through thats all xD

ANyhoo, happy things,
took my personal pic -.- LOL in class...
EEEEEE i was wearing the ugly uni -.-
OH WELL, leo had potluck ,
It was quite fun xDD
Got to meet some new ppl, actually we knew each other lahh,
just dat we talked more today,

I am gonna be comitted this yr in koku LOL 
( except rumah sukan -.- )
BY that time, you better just back off and make way :)

Thx for 3 gurls for comforting though,
Aww I was so touched when you all even sang happy songs for me 
just to make me happy.. hw nice xD
Thats why, friends are hard to get,
especially when you make friends with ppl who are worser than animals 

p/s : noooooo, now i slept so long, where is my homework mood -.-
pp/s : your tastes disgust me, your face is more  :)

cheer up ppl!! xD
If you have anything down lahh -.- LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn 

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