Sunday, January 17, 2010

I will suprise you ... wait for it :)

Hello Hello !!!
Today was another sunday, havent touched any of the tution homeworks
GRRRRR -.- lazy bump.. 
I hate f3.. hate pmr, hate school :(

Anyhoo, yesterday  went to youth BBQ night,
HAHA one sentence
Lol tsk tsk~ its rily nice lahh -.- LOL~ yummy!!!!
No pics though, busy enjoying the chicken LOL

Today morn went to church lors :)
See so good LOL
Then went to summit,
siblings and cousins joined a colouring contest for charity purposes,

Their colouring is no match for others laaaa :D LOL
Took some pics of some arts that i rily rily like,
nxt time oni post xD
There is a gurl whose colouring is superb weihhh
I was so attracted by her, she used 3 boxes of colour pencils though
and, she took like more than 4 hours :)
Of coz, her efforts sure pays up,
Her colouring was pwetty and it shines!!! xD

Next, After dinner , 
went to pasar malam AGAIN to see more clothes :)
BOught 5~!!!
Zzz, not rily THAT nice, but CNY maaaa  LOL

Tomorrow school starts again 
What a bore, time zooms ..
24 hours is so not enough... GAHHHH -.-

Addicted to GODFREY again,
he's killing me ;D
Gosh and i just found out his first gf is when he was 14?
wtf? EEEEEE the gurl must be the luckiest gurl on earth :(
Gahh ... he is mine NOW,
so piss off yo~ LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn 

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