Friday, January 15, 2010

What a Friday :)

Hello muaxx~
Today was indeed a SUPER tiring day for me if you ask :D
I USED to love fridays :D
Coz fridays are supposed to be relaxing,
after morn school, go home, relax, 
next day, WEEKEND!!! ^^
Yea... My friday USED to be so nice LOL 

Yea its nice... NOT TILL NOW! lol
Today after school, i have to stay back at school for librarian duty.. TT
GAHH so sienn lor :(
I wanted to quit but didnt do it at last :D 
I am so NOT giving up after coming so far O_O

LOL.. xD  Today we cleaned the library,
POOH is that dusty -.- 
I have to admit, library always has some ridiculous books -.-
NObody touches it lahhhh -.- waste money -.-
So tired lorr -.- DIdnt have time to do my h/w wtff?
LOL~ nvm lahh, sacrifices ^^

 I like this angle, but my fringe looked fugly in it :(
Just ignore it :D

Zzz, went back home..
WAAh damn tired :( 
pity SY who needs to stay back for purple house...

Back at home, opened my laptop, guess wat?
Slept -.- Yea, and! i slept till 8.24 pm !! OMGOSH rite?
Shit weih i sleep so long, somemore havent bath -.-
SO  dat means ive been wearing the stinky uniform all along ^^
How awesome ~ xD


 Anyhoo, the drama MOMO LOVE is coming to an end...
awwwww... sad case :(
To whom who havent watch it, its a big mistake of your life :D
 Gahh still loading in youtube, damn freaking slow -.-
KO3anguo just nid to wait for me XDD
AARON YAN just wont come out in those eps -.- wtf?

Another thing, 
had been all over EVAN YO'S and FAHRENHEIT's SONG recently,
They are so darn talented -.- wth? -.-
How i wish i can sing like dat :(
Yea rite, shower song ^^ its really good LOL

Do not give up even IF you cant stand any longer,
always hold on,
Who knows that one day they will come up to you, 
and tell you the truth,
just hold on to the stick,
Don't let go unless the sticks breaks,
But if the stick does breaks,
at least you TRIED your best to hold on..
and you have NO regrets :D 
Those who do not know your effort,
its their loss :)
 to wxyz, ^^ and me lah.. LOL ( encouraging myself tsk )

p/s : EEEEEE, how i wish i was f2 now :(
p/s : Sejarah so hard lah, fu3king haRD :(
p/s : Smile if you can, Dont always show the frowning one :D

Muahahahah~ LOL xD

xoxo, Jaslyn

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