Friday, January 8, 2010


Ello peeps~
I dont know why but i found out my mood is not rily good nowadays,
except for school of course,
coz  my friends are always cheering me up DUUH
what are friends for..

Before the sad part,
today is the  end of the 1st week of school, and it was cool xDD
Haha, quite fast lah, 
but personally, i am already fed up of waking up freaking early
Oh well.. haha~

OMGOSH, this polar bear's cute-ness is wayyy beyond words xDDDD

Found smth in facebook,
and  its like a sword through my heart,
its not to me of coz, i will kill the person in charge :DD
So dont even mess with me :P LOLOLOL!

stupid ppl lifeless,
always like to mess with other ppl's life...
Its not like they are perfect or they know everything,
what or who are they to anti ppl?
Gahh so complicated,
wtfh, they will pay thrice the value one day

LOL, i sound rily bad dont i?
ANyhoo, today we chose our koku's ...
As usual, WUDO is my most satisfying one~ xD

Next, i joined badminton,
well for the past 2 yrs i didnt get to join coz
there are tooo many peeps there
But, thx to XING YI,
our names are on the list yo~

Lastly, which is the club thing,
its the hardest decision among the others..
you see, we are deciding whether to join interact or leo,
but at last we chose interact,
Sy say wanna change to LEO,
will think abt it :DD

P/S : tomorrow got WUDO ^^ haha happiiee~
PP/S : So sweet lah xDD
PPP/S : HOw come no one say my header is cute HUH??? It is ,isn't it? O_O

xoxo, Jaslyn

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