Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello earthlings :)
I miss you guys so muchhhh! :DDDD

Peace to earth PPL~~~ 
May your school life be fun~ although most of it are boring :]

Gahh i missed internet lots although its hardly 2 days :S
Schooling has been tiring for me~
I have to wake up darn early every morn
And! its a hard thing for me  coz i like to stay up late :D

Today is already the 3rd day of school...
FYI, i have a lot of h/w,
and here i am blogging :] how obedient :]

i went for a hair cut today! :P
Actually just trimming :D oh well

Tadaa! not much different ehs?

Neways, i am going tution afterwards!
Its my first official tution in all these years...
Actually i started last year December,
but i continue laaa~ x)

Its kinda tiring, after school, rest then tution :(
Much lifeless? yea i agree O.O

My daily schedule is almost the same!
Morn - school
Noon - Home, Lunch, rest
Evening - tution / rest
Night - dinner, sleep

Study, Eat, Sleep, Shit, Study

WAAAHHHH! so damn lifeless!
wtf? but for the sake of PMR
maybe i have to be nerdy for one more year :]
GAHHHH! fed up dy 

POSITIVE though!! haha~

bye peeps

xoxo, Jaslyn

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