Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just For now :D

Hello my friend! x)
Haiz, as you see now... 
my blog is ruined by.... ..... .... ME!
Yea, i ruined it myself... how GREAT :)
Oh well... I will edit my blog AGAIN,
the next time i find some blogskin
which satisfies me :DD

Ive been trying soooooo many blogskins...
at least 10 okay... -.-
yes... just to make my blog WTH?!?!?!
But at last... i fed up dy :D HAHA~
wait  luu... be patient :D

Simon, Alvin and Theodoreeee <3
Gahh i love theodore, he is super ka waiiiiiii xD

Gahh i haven't watch ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS 2 D:
sad case lah, no companion!!! GRRR
PLUS, schoo is reopening! NOOOO... :(

Anyway, tomoro is the BIG DAY!!!
School reopen!! =]
Some might find it boring, but some might find it happiiee
its both boring and happy :DDDD
HAAHHA~ BUT! I have to wake up like
freaking early tomoro just to go to school =="""
WTF? LOL~ but i guess its better than afternoon session :D
So.. wish me luck peeps..
HAHA~ YES! I am very super extremely effin freaking NERVOUS!
yupp i am! HAHA, got streaming or not arr ?? O_O

Bro : eh tomoro you morning session you know?
Me : yea, why?
Bro : i tell you! you better sleep early!
Me :  * LOL face *
Bro : you better sleep at 9 pm!  you always sleep like 12 hrs, so better sleep early!!!
Me : HUHHHH!!??? 9pm??
Bro : ya lah! after call you cannot wake up!
Me : * zzzzZzzz*
Lil sis : haha then you have to sleep at 6pm!! Coz you have to wake up 6am tomoro!!
Me : * roll eyes *


Haha i dunno but just feel its funny XDDD
Good luck ppl for tomoro!

xoxo, Jaslyn

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