Saturday, January 23, 2010

Run Run 2010

Hello my readers xD
Today was another tiring day,
And the worst is, its a Saturday O_O
Oh well... 
As my title said, today was cross country day /
Merentas desa laaaa .. 

 ( this pis is not from today -.- )

Sadly i dont have so call STAMINA 
so... haiz.. -.-
I wonder when will i be like the top 20?
CHEHhhh~ tsk tsk!
Weih dont look down on me weihh...
I am wayyy beyond your imagination!!
Haha shock sendiri! xD

Anyway, the journey is super long -.-
But i can see that i improved a lil laaa xD
Achievements .. heheh~! but still not the runner type
Super tired, after running still need to stay back at school
wtf?!! haiz.. so sleepy.. -.-
Am super exhausted,
do NOT have mucle cramps tomorrow!!!

p/s : ooooo you couple is it..? tell tell tell xD

pp/s : lazyyyyyy
ppp/s : valentine.. awww so nice.. xD 

xoxo, Jaslyn 

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