Friday, September 10, 2010

fakers. fake all the time

currently in a bad mood now.
saw something which i shouldn't see.
realized another dark side of the world again :(

Sometimes when you believe a person so much,
trusted that fella soooo much,
believed that he/she is your friend,
the one that walks in when everyone walks out,
he/she just flicks his/her hair and walks off.
you trusted that fella to be right here with you,
to believe in what you do,
to support what you choose.
but naaahh.

YOU are a faker to the backbone.
faker is those who fake their everything.
you're so fake till i don't know if any part of you is real.
you are like totally standing by my side the whole time,
when i turn around,
you just go to their side and change your whole person.
you know what?
to me right now,
you are just trying to make everyone thinks you are the good fella.
when you are actually the mastermind of all these.
you thought everyone is stupid, dont you?
yeaaa i can't do anything to prove im right you're wrong.
i lose to you in words, but i wont lose in heart.
you are a fake friend.
this time,
if you think you are not, you are.
ask your freaking heart,
does faking to me, faking to them, 
makes the real you better?

no matter how much i wanted to reveal the truth,
i can't and don't know how.
cant believe you actually cowardly 
in chinese "pai ma pi" or whatsoever.
you are like some slave who would clean other ppl's shoes and lose your dignity just to make sure you're safe.
what on earth are you thinking.

xoxo, Jaslyn

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