Tuesday, September 14, 2010


why can't you treat me like how you treat the others?
darn~! you are so mean.

hello people :)
oh my im updating every single day HAHA.
heyy i studied like 4 hours in the day :O
so i will do onlining at night :P

did i mention,
i really dislike or rather make it Hate
ppl who replies my messages like effing slowly.
okay it's not like i send those random questions like how are you or what.
im asking for an IMPORTANT answer laa!!!! D:<
PLUS! i put a " reply asap thx " behind.
OMG. reply faster laaa!
at least find a way to tell me right!
do you know every single second of not replying me makes me wait like its a whole hour!
i mean yeaaa. if it's those stupid questions,
of course you can reply later or smth.
but plssss. reply if the message is abt something important maa..
it won't hurt a single shyt if you reply faster,
infact, you helped a person from worrying too much.
OMG shoot those ppl who don't reply IMPORTANT messages asap.
when its asap, means immediately laaa wth.

okay chop chop chop.
today i cut out pieces of colour paper and sticked it in my reference book :D
ahahahah fun fun :D
and easier to remember :O
it's like when you take my sej reference book,
you will see pwetty colour papers sticking out with small headlines ;D
that way it would be easier for me to search for details of some particular chapter
im just too hardworking LOL.

whole family is going back to Johor this thurs :O
i don't want to laaa :/
reasons :
1 - too many mosquitoes. like seriously alot :(
2 - i can't sleep nicely at night. torturing when everyone else is sleeping already.
3 - i need to study. back there, im sure i wont.
4 - PMR
5 - i don't want to sit in the car for hours dy D: carsick geesh

this thursday i will have ace tution :O
don't wanna miss it tho.
guess i'll have to arrange the transport by tonight or tomorrow?
gosh hope so :/

btw, im soo addicted to the song THE TRUTH by kris allen :DDD
" i still stand here holdin' up the roof, coz its easier than telling the truth "
omgggg this sentence is love :)
it describes how a person tries wtv just to kip the truth behind the curtains.
afterall, you need to tell the truth,
sadly it isn't that easy :/
especially after you delayed..
am i right? ;D

thats all loves,

xoxo, Jaslyn

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