Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i need a new way to study :(

When i don't say a thing,
doesn't mean i don't know a thing.
it just means i knew everything,
but i was hoping you could tell me the truth.


haihhh. D:
i hate form 3 life laa.
we have like 2 weeks of holidays.
but form 3's gotta study like damn shit hard.

after the two trials.
i really know myself better.
effort does pay.
on the first trial, i studied real hard and got B+.
so i figured on the 2nd one i would get an A since its gonna be easier.
so i stupidly didn't really study.
confidence inside. yeaaa i have.
but it turned out i got B- or even C.
totally broke my heart.
i know GOD is warning me.
telling me if i dont put 101% in this, im not gonna get my straight A.
but, i really can't study.
sejarah doesn't like me at all.
geo hates me even if i want to like it.
science just mixes everything together and confuses me everytime.
kh is okay. but it likes to dissapoint me when i have my hopes held high.
chinese just dont understand me and neither do i.
MATHS is my love. but i always lose careless marks.
not to brag about it,
but i was.. WAS the clever girl in ppl's eyes.
but now... not so anymore.
mummy said i am getting more and more wild and inobedient.
she even said she NEVER sees me studying seriously.
i was hurt deeply.
but in the other hand, no matter how much i wanna deny it,
it is true.
i.. have not been seriously studying.

yea you guys will be like
" well then? what cha waiting for? go study laaa "
easy to say. hard to do.
that's why im here.
crapping like shit.
but not studying a thing.
haih. i need some slap. * jk lol *
motivation? haih.
regretted once in trials. dont wanna regret in pmr.
no i dont want to.
i want to smile on my bday. on the day i take my results.
alrites i shall study.
sejarah im gonna make you like me no matter what.
maybe not love. just like :D

oh oh who got a better way to study sejarah and geo.
i really need help :(
helping a person makes your day!
lol. and what i needed is just an advice thank you :D

thats all.
i will go try again and force sejarah to be interesting (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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