Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blocked Nose

my current condition :

- EXTREMELY blocked nose
- lots of mucus flowing out
- headache
- barely able to breathe properly

yupp add those all up and you will end up having a disgusting image :(
oh gosh this sucks. i cant breathe properly!!!
sometimes my nose just got cleared :D
next second its blocked again -.- this is stupid -.-

went to ace today :O
we done the CATS poem.
woohoo congrats to all 3 teams. we got A+ ;D
we made history :) sure we did!
you know what they always say..
originals are always the best :D
today skipped school.
did some maths homework. it was a loose day :O
ace was memorable and fun!
suddenly our whole class blends in together like best friends :D
we started laughing and lame-ing all around :O
even for the quiet ones!  they are the unexpected ones :)
and i just got some "bye!" -s from those who i dont really know :O
aaahhh i guess we're turning out closer each time xD

i guess that's it!! :D

p/s : and i thought you were different from others.. i guess i was wrong. you are not that extraordinary :O
pp/s : seriously again ppl! do not put your hopes too high!! ( yea im telling myself too :D )
ppp/s : sometimes you will go pissing me off like nobody cares, sometimes you just talk to me as if we are nice pals. excuse me, i really cant get you. and im sick of it. will you just be YOU. -.-

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