Monday, August 30, 2010

you just want me to fake when i want to be real.

Why do some people prefer the fake-self rather than the real self.
i wanted to be real,
but you just seem to like the fake.
does that means i have to fake infront of you from now on...?



blahblah today i went to school tho.
i know i know its a stupid thing to do :O
i went there for some purpose ya know?
yupppp to pass up my PSV project.
it's already late tho, but who cares? :P
spent like 4 days on it?
decorating... drawing.. colouring.. measuring..
no more projects.. now? STUDY O.O

its a month away from now O.O
oh my. and im still blogging!! HAHA how nice :P

btw something bad happened in school today tho..
it was bad -.-
today actually sucked i would say :(
i just saw something from my point of view..
some ppl just dont prefer when you are real,
they rather like your fake self,
when you go around faking your smiles and laughs.
they just dont like when you just want to be yourself.
faking just seems to be more popular.
i always thought
" whats the point being all friendly and nice, when you are just FAKING?
no matter what, deep inside you mean the opposite dont you? "
but the reality showed me cruel stuffs.
i guess nobody can survive being TOO real.
guess i'll have to fake fake fake from now on ..
oh. my. gosh. D:

haih CHOP.
OMG anyway today in perhimpunan the choral speaking team presented a performance!
its for merdeka eve lol.
it was a piece of shyt LOL.
mich and I got called last minute to go out.
we NEVER practice since the last competition which is like one month ago.
went up, embarassed ourselves.
how great LOL.
i forgot my part and some head movements.
ARGHHHH stupid moments LOL.
but the crowd did laughed at some parts.
awesome baybehhh =DD
well at least its not so awkward :P

got addicted to this freaking drama :D
偷心大聖 P.S.男
It's about celebrities' lifes.
its a mixture of many scenes.
romance, sad, touching, fighting.. blahblah.
i think its quite interesting tho :D
you chinese ppl should watch this :D
non-chinese can watch it in eng subs too ;D

偷心大聖 P.S.男

oh gosh did i mention this guy is so cute inside :D
he is darn cool and sweet :P
he's kinda hawt and handsome to me laa :PP
more handsome than the guy lead HAHAHAH

talking abt guys.
spotted this gentleman in sweet spy korean drama.
his name is Dennis Joseph O'Neil.
saw some of the romance scenes inside, damnnn hawt okay!
girls sweatting like mad. :P
HE is darnnnn gentle :O
even when it comes to passionate times,
he is STILL gentle.

killer smile AWWW (:

EEEE that girl damnnn lucky LOR!
in this korean drama,
dennis is playing a spy role.
so he is talking ENGLISH.
he got that freaking british accent.
WOAHHH love love love love OMG.
burning yo. BURNING.

i am :P
dennis joseph o'neil I LOVE YOU!
xoxo haha
" sampat! " by mich.xD


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