Saturday, August 21, 2010


Somehow i  hoped and wished,
all these were just one of my dreams.
where all the things were still at the beginning,
when it was just all about you and me



i wouldn't have done that.
it all wouldn't have been like this. like now.
it could have been better.. alot better.....
been having depressing moments lately.
and the reasons are always related to those damn results.
sighhh. cant blame others.
what to do? shytty-brain ppl get shytty results :(
yesterday i actually emo-ed for the WHOLE DAY for my results.
i got a C in my geo. my first C in my quite-confident-subject.
it was like one of those worst things in my life =(
seriously it totally kills my confidence, my mood, my feelings.
it's like you got thrown from the 20th floor.. hopeless :O
thanks to those who tried to cheer me up (:
i got 5 ppl cheering me up at once LOL!
thank you tho :D
sighh i guess i just have to think of the brighter side.
at least now i've got reasons to study harder since i suck in it :(

put that aside okay :D
today was officially the day after exams :D
so siewyi, florence and I went out to take a break from all those sad results.
xy couldn't follow due to tutions :O
went to summit at 2pm +
went to catch a movie.
our first choice was INCEPTION.

siew yi wanted it badly.
too bad the time doesn't suit us :O

so in the end we ended up watching SALT.

was expecting low since the cover is so... empty LOL
but i must admit it was quite good :O
ACTION MOVIE laa. but the girl was like superwoman LOL

me likey :D
overall its like 9/10 laaaa :D
alot of bleeding.. punching.. shocking.. awkward.. (:
not actually my type of movie but.. it was NICE :D

briefly it's about a woman who was an CIA but then was figured out disguised by a RUSSIAN SPY. but she didn't really wanted to help RUSIA to destroy AMERICA. so she decided to be neutral somehow.. but then both countries got pissed and both wanted to kill her. SHE IS SO DARN COOL :OOOO
watch it (:

lol! oh well xD
thats all for today.
skipped youth.. came home late =(
thats all (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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