Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's harder than i thought

Expect the unexpected,
believe the unbelievables,
do the impossibles
HI (:
it's been a while since i update my blog :O
been banning myself few days ago due to PMR trials.
started like.. last wednesday or thurs.
trials started yesterday, friday.
today was the 2nd day :D

went to youth just now,
was movie night.
we saw this movie called FIREPROOF.
it's abt a fireman who has marriage probs with his wife,
but by the grace of GOD he tried to save this marriage before the worst comes.
and he saved it, with the help of GOD of course.
It's a real nice movie!! i will give it a rate 10/10.
it has sad, romantic, funny, touching scenes.
all girls cried. i think :P
this movie basiclly tells us that love has no limits.
God loves us althought we have been rejecting it over and over.
this is why he is our savior (:

God really do answer my prayers (:
i'm so touched by it.
just now before the KH papers,
i studied and stuffed everything i could into my mind,
focus-ed on masakan, jahitan and reka bentuk.
didn't really study elektronik :/
was super scared.
but then i PRAYED. asked GOD for his guidance and blessings.
i asked him for wisdom, confidence and calmness.
THEN! when i got the papers,
it was totally shocking :D
most of the questions like 3/4 were on the topics i read,
many of them were my last-minute readings :O
i was indeed GRATEFUL :D
thank you lord.

tomoro is a day off.
but i sure need to hit the books real hard :(
haiz... 3 more days to go. den rest.
den here comes JPS trials.
BOOOOO. stress :/
but no matter what, HE will guide me.

did i mention i really DONT LIKE.. i repeat, DONT LIKE this f4 guy.
he's super annoying and he acts as if he is the boss.
please, when ppl smile to you doesn't mean they are okay with EVERYTHING YOU DO.
i just don't wanna make things hard for all sides,
so YOU better stop before the fire becomes worse.
LANC ppl.. why do they not understand -.-
lol! im not saying im right, im just saying he's being TOTALLY unreasonable.

blahblah gotta cherish this one hour of onlining! HAHA

xoxo, Jaslyn