Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 more weeks to PMR

my title says it all laaaa.
it's less than 2 weeks actually :O
today is already tuesday in the first week.
GAHH -.-

i'm still studying my ass out of those subjects :O
spent like a whole week on SEJARAH.
YAY i think we are starting to understand each other :P
now left GEO and SCIENCE plus KH.
SC is okay. paper 1 is the one i hope high :O
geo is torture. they say its common sense -.-
either it's really super hard,
or it's my brain not thinking properly and making no sense :/
BUT i guess it's my brain lol.

im scared of it.
but im not scared of it at the same time HAHA.
weird :/
i got alot B's in trial. o.o
my brother says he will laugh at me for a lifetime
if i get lesser than 7A which is his result :(
Fyi, i only win him in results :O
he's one of the reasons im working my ass out of here >:O
being laughed by your own bro for a lifetime is something you dont need -.-

kayy i used comp to do research on ACE homework.
done dy.
so... i guess i gotta hit the books real hard again >:)
GOD bless all of you . and me.
may HIS blessings fall upon all PMR peeps :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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