Monday, January 3, 2011

streaming for form 4. oh booo

People always find out what's important when they lose it.
appreciate what you have now, catch hold of it!
you will not have it forever.
i regretted. boo

Hey bunnies (:

today was first day of 2011's school.
it. is. horrible D:
first, you have super thick books with lots of assignments
THEN, streaming classes.
means i'm super lost in my current class right now.
okayyy i may have some old classmates with me but it's just not right.
ARGHHHH how can i survive. :(

back in form 1, im super shy that i dont even talk omg.
then in form 2, we had some conflicts among our classmates. it was a total nightmare. we even got this anti-blahblah thing going on. darn scary i tell you.
then in form 3, we were one united class. seriously! practically everyone is friends with each other. we even went out together for a trip.
BUT good times dont last.
now in form 4, the school picked 5-6 ppl from every classes and mix it together as a class.
omgg so now every class is SUPER QUIET. strangers laaa D:

meeting new friends are nice. but still. OHMYGOSH. :(
haih you can actually write a letter to beg the school to change you to other classes.
but my mum won't let me -.- ishh. it's okay laa.
new start :) positivee haha.

blahblah first day was boring. took textbooks.
i haven't buy my exercise books lol how awesome :P
went home. soaked wet as the rain is pouring like no one's business.
took a nice bath and accidentally slept while watching tv.
woke up. off to ace :O
changed classes from thurs to mon. new faces AGAIN omg.
but i saw angel aka annjoo there :D haha at leastt.
blahblah totally lifeless omg -.-

right now its 12.39am but im still up lol.
searching internet laa lol.
gotta think abt some ideas to design my leo club's valentines stuffs.

im assigned lol. but my job is to design the flyer.
LEO. rawr :3
so much for the first day of school? :/

thats all toodles.
xoxo, Jaslyn

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