Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inhaled too much smoke!

i think i annoyed you D:
I didn't mean to, forgive me D:
sometimes i just don't use my brain. sigh.


Hello hyper :)

So.. yesterday was MIYF's bbq night.
which means chicken, smoke, mosquitoes and lots of BALLS :D
tsk tsk fishballs crabballs. lots of 'em.
To summarise it,
it was okayy for me laa.
 Luckily there were no mosquitoes.
its definitely hot but oh well :D
Helped out abit on bbq-ing the stuffs.
LOL i put 3 chicken wings on the bbq set and there is none for me :O
LOL! somebody must have took and ate it >:D 
i think i inhaled too much smoke which makes me now, suffering with sorethroat and cough.
It was slightly uncomfortable last night but this morning it became worse! 
:'( It's painful and itchy and annoying omg :(
It's been quite a time since i had my last sorethroat :O
thanks to the smoke from bbq :(
after that went to have a long chat with joyce and tryphaena :)
left out much lol. but we did have a great talk :)

blahblah yesterday night i chatted with a friend till dawn lol.
gossips ahhhh never get tired of it :P
to make me feel guilty, I didn't go church :(
yes i know my fault. gahhh i did set the alarm wei so i don't know why. LOL

last but not least,
today's my elder brother's birthday :D
i didn't wish him in person because it would be awkward and weird since we quarell every second. :( but i do remember his birthday wei!
Imma good sis.
nvrm laa i shall just make sure my parents take us out for a nice dinner to give him a nice birthday ending :)
kor, happy 17th birthday!
May God bless you always, stay happy and healthy! 
study hard for SPM no regrets :D

the end.
xoxo, Jaslyn

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