Friday, January 7, 2011

I'll just do my best.

I do my best, and let GOD do the rest :)
May God help me all the way through :D

Hey hey hey :D
AHHH finally i got through the FIRST week of school lol.
there are quite some moments in class when i'm more like alone and bored since we are all separated now.
yeahh. wanna find a person to talk to but there is none :/
im super glad it has been a week HAHA LOL.

I've been super busy this whole week weih.
my schedule is all mixed up like crap :O
at noon i will sleep instead of doing my homeworks and at night i would stay up real late till like 1++ am to finish stuffs HAHA.
see? LOL! wth?
anyway, been feeling extremely tired every single dayy :(
the enthusiasm to go to school is not there anymore.
my friend, huiying went to ace school! pusat tuisyen sirius.
ZOMG the school is so darn cool.
i took chemistry tution there so i get to see all the latest stuffs they're using lol. no wonder the fees is like BOOM. with all the tech stuffs HAHA.

blahblah have been squeezing my head juice to think abt designs for leo club's valentine project :/
stayed up till 2am+ yesterday just to design -.-
tonight will most probably be the same :/
they better be considerate and appreciative mann :(
I just hope my designs will somehow help the club to sell the stuffs laa.
To be honest, i'm more like the one who can't accept rejects from my work lol. :X
but of course i will since it's a BIG thing. influences the whole club.
but i hope. I WISH. one day i can see my designs on the items :D HAHA.
but if it's rejected for a better one then it's okay laa haha.
*prettyy pleassee*
any ideas? rawr (:

being in different classes form your friends really sucks D:
sighh. if only my family is rich lol :(
but that doesn't mean i'm not grateful of what i have now laa.
just that.. IF. lol!
1.43am now. yay lol..

tomoro morn there is koku. WUDO!
sigh too bad no.3 is gone lol!

xoxo, Jaslyn

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