Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just when you feel like life's a paradise.
everything is just fine.
here  comes school and books :O


Hey fellows :O
haih today's sadly the last day of holidays before school reopens.
doomed :(

blahblah went summit this afternoon to buy my school bag.
they don't really have what's in my mind.
but i do want a new bag badly. so i chose this :

Nice no?
I chose it because it's simple enough so that i can do anything i want with it like clipping on some funky stuffs or just i don't know? sew? LOL!
I saw some really nice white bags but mummy doesn't agree with it since i can't really maintain it's whiteness by the end of the month it's gonna be grey :(
SO yea. black and white. HAHA lol.

see this small chain thing?

my lil sis bought it for me for my birthday present. lol.
i wanted smth more useful in school days but that will do just fine laaa :D
at least she bought me one >:) heh. if not she wont have one on her bday too :P

after that, spent the rest of the day walking around and buying some new-year-clothes.

bought some (: bought a small jacket which is really nice to me :D
blahblah went home.
my relatives came and gave me monayyy :P
rewards for straight A-s in pmr laaa :D
then i "sponsored" 50 bucks for our last dinner before school starts haha.
we went to eat at taipan's "asia cafe", you know.. the one opposite MCD?
haha i don't know its name but its style is almost the same as asia cafe but just not that many choices of food :D

now in my room.
everything's like all jammed up.
tution starts from tomorrow weihh :(

addmaths, chemistry, english, bm, chinese blahblah all the subjects OMg.
it's gonna be a tough year D:
no matter what happens. think positive :D
my bro's fortune cookie : "when you think you can, you can "
can i? >:D haha duuuhh :P LOL!

xoxo, Jaslyn

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