Wednesday, February 9, 2011

early recess! :P

Hello you! :)

So.. i'm just back from school? :O
it's 2.45pm already and i'm still in my pjk's. :P
shall take bath right after i post this laa :D

btw, today's school was super epic :P
We had our pjk this morning doing SEGAK stuff.
was super tired :O
then after pjk saw some prefects in the canteen, too lazy to go upstairs and come down again, so florence and I decided to go recess with the prefects.
 fyi, our prefects always go recess 10 mins earlier so we're copying them.
whats the harm? :P
HAHA omg bigg harmm :P
bought food. bell rang.
OMG. then we realized we were too early! :O
there's suppose to be one more period before our recess since we're the second-recess-form. 
LOL it was too late since we both bought food, HAHA
so we were practically embarrassed when anyone we know asks us :O
'' eh? why you both here dy one? ''
'' eh? you now recess meh? "
LOL many sorts of questions. super embarrassed HAHA.
after eating as fast as possible, went to library instead of class,
well we were super late already so yeah.. 
skipped the ACTUAL recess to rush addmaths homework xD
what an experience! :P not a very good one though..

blahh oh i felt super awesome when i managed to finish my addmaths homework and passed it up on time!
the homework took me 3 litres of brainjuice to figure it out la.
okay exaggerating now.. haha :D

just now when i was going through the facebook news feed,
i saw this album my aunt just uploaded for cny :D
omggg i saw my cousin baby twins! :D
SUPER ADORABLE! i miss them soooo much :(
hopefully i can meet them up on this saturday :')
saved some photos of them. super adorable :'D

omg so small dy can pose hahah :D

 lol showing smth i guess?

sisters! :D awwww xD

blah thats all. 
gotta shower and tution :/
toodles loves :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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