Saturday, May 9, 2009

A trip to FRIM.. and jungle trekking..xDDD

Today is a blissful day... And a special one too!!! xDDD Today is the day that my church specially organize... dat is FAMILY DAY~~xPPP
Actually my whole family is going but unfortunately my mum is sick... so she cant go.. den followed up with my pap... ( but my pap not sick.. it's just dat my mum cant go.. so he also no mood ed... hahahahah~~ xDDD ) So i and my big bro also dun wan also... oni left my lil sis and bro... they decide to follow my aunt...

This morning... they all decided to move on oledy... den my aunt asked my sis to call me to come along... I heard my lil bro say dat if i go den he dun wanna go... ( yea~ I heard that !! Although you think i am asleep... xPP ) but they kip convincing me so i finally go...

The venue is in.... INSTITUSI PENDIDIKAN PERHUTANAN MALAYSIA (FRIM)... which i dunno where it's located... in Selangor?? xDD hahah~ it's like a big piece of land full of nature things which is protected by the gouvernment... xDDD

We went for jungle trekking.. cool weih~~ There is rocks and stones and woods... it's spooky yet fun!!! xDDDD

i am quite tired now... used my energy while doing the activities... xPPPP
( haiz... no mood to study oledy... ) xPP Well... tomoro is MOTHER'S DAY!!! Any plans?? xDDD

* have to study... ( i nid to do homework and catch up my studies.. )
- sejarah ( studying all 4 babs form 2 and doing notes..)
- science ( havent start... firstly i hope to make sure all those parts that i am still blurrrr.... ah dui... )
- geo ( WALAO... this one damn blurr lah... no mood first... The teacher lah... dunno how she get the teacher license...xPP

(WELL... now just focus this threee subjects first... xDDDDD like dat also damn hard oledy lohhh... xDDD)

* Wish me luck in my studies!! xPP

* Happy mother's day for my mum, DORIS TING ~~ xDDDD
- I hope my mum will recover before tomoro's BIG DAY
- i hope we ( my dad and my siblings.. ) successfully will buy a beautiful cake for my mum's BIG DAY.. and hope my mum will receive it!! xDD

* Hope she felt better after my consoling... cheer up... just stand up... stay strong... let him know he's not the whole world for you... and if you nid a listener... call me anytime!! OK?? xPPP

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