Thursday, May 7, 2009

There is a lot going on ...

There is a lot going on these days indeed...

Hahah~ Lets just tok about today... Today teachers hav to attend the "anugerah cemerlang" thing so no lesson~~~ Weeeeee!!! xDDDD

So on those free periods... we all play and make rily RILY a lot noise... As usual... Loong yi is being "JUSTICAL" again by doing a goody-goody-monitor... haha~ YEA~~ He asked us to keep down... (seriously we nid to keep our voices down~~ xPP)... at first me and siew yi helped 2B students measure the eye sight thing... i fouund out that i cant rily see properly!!! OMG~~~ sad case... xDD
Den... we both played "murderer".. or is it called "killer"... dunno lah... we played that with samantha that gang and some boys... it's quite interesting!!!! xDDD Since i played this game the first time so i am quite nervous... but i finally get through it and have a lot of fun!!!! ^^

Next there is KH period... I suddenly have "ling gan" and hurrily hammer my woods into places and i think it look cool~~ hahah~ Although it looks quite big... hahahha~~ I took some pictures but i will upload it next time!! ok?? Hahah~~
Siew yi one looks great too!!! Xing yi abd flo too... xDDD

And.. MY MUM IS SICK!!! Aaaawww~~ Sad lah~ Happy mother's day is coming leh so i hope she can recover before tomorow.... xDDDD May GOD bless her!! xDDD ( and i am thinking to buy a stalk of flower... or a nice small bouquet for her but i dunno where.... haiz... TT who knows pls tell me... xDDDD ) Oh ya!! And wish all my readers' mum happy mother's day!!! xPPP

ok...That's all for today...

**** Dun be too upset about him gal... he's not the best in the world... GOD will always make a better path for you... BETTER than him... dun let him influence your rutein!! YOu must have faith!!! FAITH!! And always stay strong!!! I know i do not agree you to stay with him because i think he's hurting you day by day but as a friend... i will support you no matter what you did~~ And i hope you can pull yourself out of this cage before it's too late... ok?? And always stay strong!! Dun be weak in front of him!! be strong and have faith!! believe in what GOD has arange for you and him!! Perhaps... this is a hint... a hint to let him go~~ Ok?? ( or if you want to stay and see what's coming... i just hope you remember you still have family and friends besides him... ok?? xDD) CHEER UP!! COME ON PPL LISTEN UP!! WE ARE HERE TO CHEER !!AND SHOUT!! SO LETS STAY STRONG!! xDDDD ****

And exam is coming!! MUST STUDY HARD!! xDD ( less online ed.... )

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