Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm always waiting

* you changed, and i dont like it, i want the old you D: *

Had fun at florence's house ;)
planned to do our oral presentation preparation but end up... -.-
I fell asleep while hugging her small booster ahahah
and i instantly woke up when she talked abt MCD lol!!!!
ahaha and we finished her whole thing of fererro rocher LOL!
she is obsessed with it o.o
you know what?
i suddenly felt so close again with flo and xy (:
ahahha maybe coz SY the radio wasnt there! oops LOL

anyway, today f3 got their tetanus injections,
the jab was okay laaa,
its the effect that hurts D:
my left hand now is mostly cacat and useless =/
and it's so weak and numb painful! >=(

THEN! at the evening,
mummy brought me to SUMMIT to look for heels
for this sun IR day 
since i was complaining hell lot of me being too short in my ex-heels
LOL!! she was annoyed o.o
BOUGHT! black heels with stripes,
its not that tall LOL but its nice ;D

stuck here! gotta go do my projects D:
wth cant wait till the days after pmr..
long way to go ehs... D:

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