Saturday, May 28, 2011

if there is once, there is twice

wow! it's been decades since i updated my blog :(
it's pretty much dead now ehs ? :/

anyway, i played piano in youth fellowship for the 4th time (:
Yes i remembered the times i played.
I hope the numbers wont stop getting bigger ;D
today's attendance was super low :O
Many ppl were absent though.. :O  weird :/
holiday mood on already..? :O

haha anyway the whole worship thing was great.
there were some flaws, but it was nice :D
I guess serving for God is always an amazing thing to do (:
Anyhoo i think i talked alot today :O
ususally i will be quiet, but today i spoke my opinion, said prayers.
sudd i sound like the noisy one :/ LOL!
BLah! having massive headache now,
shall head to bed soon :) * fingers crossed *
oh i got scolded today forr ffk-ing smth last minute :(
felt really bad about it, but also kind of pissed.
I mean, i dont mean to skip, and i informed!
But i guess it's my fault too, since i informed quite late ehs? :(
SIGH. oh well, let the by gones be by gones (:

toodles sweeties (:
library camp is coming soon.
got to say, i am totally not looking forward for it,
infact, it's troubling me D:
I hope God bless me and my friends throughout the whole camp, and may it be fun (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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