Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ahh... Excited!!!!

Hey! To those ppl who no me! Hi! I am Jaslyn! But to those who don't... Hi!!
Wow! I feel so extremely excited today coz i just created a blog! Magnificent!!!!
I always wanted to create a blog but it didn't work out smoothly!
Now... I finally created 1 by using 2 whole hours! So long,rite?
Well... U cannot blame me coz i've to figure out de URL,NAMES... Haha...
Lolzzz.. Well, thx to may yean because i want to create a blog right after visiting her blog!XDD
Her blog was wonderful! I saw de latest 1 - Department Of Fisheries...^^
Oh... And i am grateful to Hui Shing coz she teached me how to create a blog!
Thx anyway!
Btw,I don't really know how to control dis blog thing but I'm sure I will get it soon if i keep practicing "blogging"!
Haha... For now,what i know is dat this blog thing is somehing like a diary or journal...
I learned this from May yean!
And how to add ppl? add meif u can lor! =]

And pls teach me more about dis blog thing if u can... XD

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