Friday, July 23, 2010

I believe in you, and i would go to the ends of the earth

 never under-estimate jealousy.
it kills.


ohhh im so obsessed with church songs :D
its those songs you will never get tired of (:
why? cause GOD's spirit never dies x)

today was indeed a full-scheduled day :O
briefly describe it okay :D

- school. skipped class to do somthing super important. quite fun. nice experience
 - goes back. watch TV.
 - mum say go SP shopping. search for leo installation uniform.
- FOUND. super happy.
- mum gotta go somewhere. dropped me at summit.
- alone in summit. studied SEJARAH in popular. ate ice-cream
- dad picked me up on the way back fr work. HOME.

fuhhhh what a meaningful day =D
im super proud of myself today.
because of smth smth smth (:
can't say it here.

i prayed that he will help me find my installation uniform.
i found it like.. super fast? xD
den i prayed for the silver tie required.
haven't found it. but GOD will help me laa :D

okay that's all.
i think im starting to know some friends :D
he is really friendly weihh (:
thanks for the offer tho.

p/s : i will pray for monday to be SUCESS. may GOD bless all of us.

xoxo, Jaslyn