Thursday, July 8, 2010

you gotta be a dumbass

" you gotta be a dumbass. so that the impact is big "

see the sentence up there?
yea i heard it in the morning (:
when i was pracitising choral speaking.
our senior, joanne, told a girl who was going to do an act solo, to be a dumbass
lol!!! actually its true tho.
you have to be dumb enough to be entertaining.
BUT! its real hard D:
i tell you why -.-

anyway, just got back from ace!
we did the mirror thing today -.-
you got your partner as a mirror. he/she needs to imitate you.
after that is the other way around.
( choral lines )
I shut my eyes, and prayed and prayed..
that what was happening would have just stayed
teacher paired me up with eik ren like weeks ago.
i was like omg wth D:
fyi, he is like some lame fella who likes to act. and he acts like super lame but funny
im afraid i cant catch up. i might end up laughing -.-

so today is the day.
i really prayed real hard that i could have a better partner lol
florence and mich went out before me. they did great (:
flo did her paris hilton thingy. i think that she could do better tho.
she is a natural bitch (inside joke)
mich did awesome. she stamped and threw her POOH BEAR everywhere.

i was super nervous.
i felt like i would burst any second.
soon my name was called. teacher chose my partner, eik ren.
argh he embarassed me.. ON PURPOSE!!!!! i swear lol
well he was just having fun laaa.
but im not. i admit. i suck in audience stuff.
excuse me i have serious stage-frights. >:(
i tell you if there is just me and him it sould be soooo much better
the fact is,
yay how great -.-
recorded tho. no im not sharing.
OH OH and eik ren's mirror acting was like SUPER LONG
wtf. i want to scream at him lol!
but oh well. its over

what did i act?
i acted a girl more like a shopaholic who wants to get a dress for a party BUT ended up buying lots of stuffs too (:

1 - i turned my back on the audience. I REGRETTED. so much :(
2 - its too short, nervousness. HAIZ

1 - eik ren can be slap-able sometimes lol
2 - ace is somewhere where requires LOADS of guts
3 - i am a coward when it comes to stages
4 - im gonna overcome it... SOMEHOW lol!
5 - FORGET THIS D: nightmareeeee

haiz i want to jump off the roof. lol

p/s : super SUPER good job to huiying ( player ), yijun ( stage-fright contestant ), huishing ( fly-hitter), michelletsy ( got dumped by bf ronaldo ), florence ( paris hilton scolding PA ) and others!!! I ADMIRE YOU GUYS! you guys sure got guts :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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