Sunday, July 4, 2010

you need the confidence

Sometimes you just need a little more confidence and strength to push you (:

first of all... I DIDN'T go to subang rally D:
regretted a lil since i saw many many ppl went =O
Melissa didn't tell me she wanna go. or i would tag along wth
lol! anyway forget it -.-

today i went to church. YAY ME!
fyi, i have not been there like... nearly a month O.O
I KNOW! bad D:
actually i went coz my bro will be playing the drum :D
for the FIRST time baybehhh ;D
i cant really see him playing tho. but i heard it
ahahah not quite pro :X but good enough for a first-timer

my result sucked like some shyt o.o
BUT my daddy didn't scold me tho.
dad : why your results dropped so low one... and your average ? D:
me : daddy its really hard laaaa D:
dad : ohhhh... well then you have to try harder next time okay? :D
* the end *
ahahahhaha nice much ? (:
yeap i have an awesome daddy LOL!

blahblah after church i went to SUMMIT with mum, kor and lil bro.
bought some stuffs.
den ate lunch at MCD. bloated even more lol!
got home. onlined. den dont know when i dozed off HAHA

life's been really rush and boring for me.
ahahah yeap its rushy. times passes before you know it.
BUT its boring D:
BOOOOOO someone cheer me up lol

tomoro is another hectic monday.
i felt the bored-ness D:

P/S : MY PHONE IS WORKING AHAHAHHAHAHA... but still a lil cacat. BUT WORKING. THIS IS AWESOME. i saved it :D with the help of some ppl ;D THX


xoxo, Jaslyn

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