Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another birthday!! XXD

Yesterday is VALENTINE"S DAY!! HAPPY VALENTINE!!!! Love~~~~
In a coinsedence, yvonne held a party on valentine's night too!! She invited me too!! Yeah!!
hahaha... Unfortunately.. Yi jun , Hui Ying , And Samantha can't make it to the party... haiz...But... May yean,siew yi and I decided to attend Yvonne's party !!! ^^
When we reached Yvonne's party place, We met Kar Yee there who is already started eating...== hahaha... We also met two of Yvonne's cousin sister!! They are quite pretty you know...^^
We have great fun there! At least i do!! ^^ We played card games --- "cheat"
I am not very familiar with this game though... XP
So here goes some pictures about the part cake and people!! HAHA...^^

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